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    Is it time for some marketing?

    Has your company come up with a new product? Are you in need to establish a "how-to" video? Do you need stronger differentiators to stand out from your competition?


    If you answered yes to any of the above, it's likely time to have an explainer video.

    Let me tell you what's in this deal:

    • Free 1-Minute animated explainer video
    • Free conceptualization, scriptwriting, 2D animation, motion graphic, RF music
    • Free website audit, website keyword research and seo recommendations
    • Video keyword research, video-optimization and video directories submission
    • YouTube Trueview Ads, Facebook Video Ads (audience specific/interest)
    • Video ranked 1st page on YouTube for Singapore, Enjoy More than 10,000 views (depending on audience targeting)
    +Just pay .35cents/view for video marketing efforts, and the rest is complimentary!
    The rate will revert to standard .95cents/view once it's open to the public.
    Let's Get Started and reap the most benefit today!
    Explainer Video Production Singapore and Full motion graphic by thevideocompany.sg

    Watch sample of an explainer video

    Shah from thevideocompany.sg

    Get in touch with me for the deal now!

    Free Video and Marketing Reach.

    This is a video marketing offer opened to companies with more than 5 employees. Actual value worth more than $8,000 for video production, research, ad budget and agency fee. Offer limited to first 10 sign-ups only. Shortlisted companies will be notified via phone or email.

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