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7 Essential Facebook Advertising Tools for Driving Digital Revenue

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7 Essential Facebook Advertising Tools for Driving Digital Revenue

If you're launching a new Facebook advertising campaign, you've probably developed all the creative materials you need to build a solid social advertising foundation. But images and copy aren’t enough on their own - you need the right tools to craft an effective campaign.

If you want to increase return on ad spend (ROAS), expand the reach of your campaigns and increase marketing revenue, these Facebook advertising tools will help you get the job done.

Ad Units

1. Dynamic Ads

If you work for an ecommerce company, you can't afford to ignore these game-changing ad units. Dynamic Ads help you retarget audiences across devices, and personalize ads based on browsing behavior. With Dynamic Ads, you'll be able to close the deal by reminding cart abandoners of their purchase intent.

2. Mobile App Install Ads (MAIs)

Mobile App Install Ads help you drive app downloads in several ways. These ads allow users to get inside your app in just a few clicks, creating a seamless user experience. They also enable you to showcase your app store rating and any testimonials or features you’re especially proud of; which should help boost your conversion rates. You can also use MAIs to reengage users so they’ll stay active long after they hit the download button.

3. Carousel Ads

Why stick to one image when you can dazzle audiences with multiple pieces of creative all in one ad unit? Carousel Ads are great for online retailers looking to show off numerous products, mobile app marketers with eye-catching in-app imagery, and lead generation companies wishing to highlight several benefits of their product or service.

No matter what your goal is, these scrollable ads will help you drive traffic to your site with a call-to-action (CTA) button under each picture.

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4. Lead Ads

Facebook’s Lead Ads give you the ability to customize a form to capture only the information that’s important to your business. You can use them to grow inbound inquiries, email subscriptions, signups, applications, registration pre-orders, and more, all within Facebook’s user interface.

Audience Options

5. Custom Audiences

A Custom Audience is an ad targeting option that lets marketers serve ads to their existing customers. Custom Audiences work best when segmented by behavior or demographic – for example, people whose purchases have high average order value, or parents who have bought multiple items for kids in the past.

6. Lookalike Audiences

If you already keep a list of your most valuable customers, you can find more Facebook users like them with Lookalike Audiences. This targeting method provides a powerful way to reach customers who are more likely to convert based on their interests in similar products or services. If you want to expand your campaign reach and increase your customer or user base, then you definitely want to explore the potential of Lookalike Audiences.

7. Facebook's Audience Network

Facebook’s Audience Network enables marketers to extend their ads to reach people outside of Facebook by automatically adapting ads to new native, interstitial, and banner formats. It is an extension of Facebook’s vast targeting capabilities, allowing developers to offer ad spots in their mobile apps to brands with similar fans and audiences across Android and iOS devices.

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