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Facebook Announced Something About Video & Stories

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Facebook announced about how they are "Putting Video First" in their recent review. What will be the next course of action for brands and businesses in riding on this expected phenomenon? Are brands ready for video marketing? Will the advertising and video production agencies agencies be in demand in spite of the gloomy economy? What types of video will brands fond of? Is it gonna be customer testimonials, product reviews, a brand story or the traditional corporate video suffice? How will brands look at when it comes to video marketing platforms?

Do You Have Your Brand Or Company Videos Ready For Facebook or Instagram?

If you are still clueless about the video concept - worry no more, we are here to help, don't we? Absolutely, tell us your objective, your call-to-action kinda thing. From driving subscriptions, getting leads or even brand identity, we take it from there. Remember, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, has said it clearly that Facebook, Instagram will be "Putting Video First" as the biggest focus now on. If you have to be the first in your industry, do it.

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