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Viewers Love Real Content

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Christian Dior is one of the many luxury brands that leverage social video, and the couture house has opened up its social channels to give its audience a glimpse behind the scenes. In March 2017, it uploaded 109 videos to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, generating a total of nearly 16M views, and 1.6M engagements. Its most popular Instagram video upload is a fantastic example of ‘real’ content, as viewers are given a rare look into the Dior archives, and the dazzling array of blue hues that have been used over the years.

Source: SocialMediaToday


Brands and companies should look to understand video trends across all social video platforms in order to master content creation and make informed and effective content decisions. As much as we do like the precision of the product, in the making or behind the scene, or even how it impact others emotionally. Whatever you would call it - This is a brand story that will help your consumer remembers your brand. Now, let us help you and learn your brand identity before we produce the video.

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