After I learned the cessation of over 8,500 businesses in April alone, it struck me, that this shit (nightmare) is real! I started thinking about why they failed and how Small Businesses could survive? I realized that these 2 factors could be the main probable causes, which is one, lack of financial reserves, and two unable to adapt to this new business environment (condition) quickly.


    I decided to giveaway 1 FREE VIDEO to help you with the marketing. Yes, I'm going to feature and produce a video about your business for free! As we are all adapting to this new business environment, I'm sure many of you might be clueless about how your business can be converted digitally. Hence, I've decided to include 1 FREE CONSULTATION to learn about your business model and advise how you could package it and appeal to the digital audience. This is the fundamentals of Digital Business Transformation that I'm trying to help as well.


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