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Are You A Think Digital First? Then, See Things That Are Happening Every 60 Seconds!

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Did you know more than 400,000 tweets are sent on internet and more than 300 hours of videos are uploaded on Youtube every 60 seconds? Want to know how bog internet has become, check out the infographic covering the latest statistics on things that happen on internet every 60 seconds.

What Happens On Internet Every 60 Seconds

Source: Go-Globe

Have You Taken Your Brand Story Video In Any Of These Platforms?

So much information travelled across the internet sphere every 60 seconds, let alone the consumption of these information across the globe. Most importantly, have you taken the advantage of these internet phenomenon? If you are still clueless what your brand can be done, on Social Media, YouTube etc. let us know, We bring in the "Putting Video First" concept across all relevant platform for your brand to grow. But first we need to create a brand story for you. Hit us for coffee now :) 

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