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If you rewind back to 2011, video was set up to be all the rage. At this time, YouTube had 112,764,000 unique visitors in the US for the month of January, and bloggers were raving about Flip Cams as the must have accessory for video.

Since then, all of our phones record HD or even 4K video, Wi-Fi and 4G speeds have increased, digital cameras offer professional quality for a reasonable price, the GoPro is a thing and 360 video has begun. And YouTube now has over 1 billion monthly active users, which is over a third of people on the internet

In fact, YouTube sees over 6 billion hours of video watched every month and Facebook has seen a sharp rise in video views, while Twitter created Vine and bought Periscope for short clips and live streams alike. Everywhere you look, every other web page or article has an embedded video somewhere.

It has become the norm. By 2017, it is estimated that 69% of all web traffic will be video. When it comes to marketing property, video is now essential.

The main marketing benefit is engagement. A video can auto-play and the moving images and sound can draw people in. They can stay on a web page for longer and let’s be honest, watching a video is easier that reading. In this fast-paced online culture which we live in, that is crucial.

Property Testimonial Video Production Singapore

A more engaged visitor is certainly one more likely to purchase or enquire. Which is why video is so important to the larger property market. It can open a dialogue between you and potential customers that a simple web page may not be able to achieve. People who watch can quite literally visualise the experience you are offering to them.

New developments, however, may not have anything that can be filmed. This is where CGI comes into play. At Elevation, we can create a building, or a guided tour, without the need for the building itself. Which is handy since our bricklaying skills are subpar.

Our experienced CGI / Video Production Team can put together interesting video content from scratch, give you a platform to show potential customers or investors what things will develop into. A vision of the future, in the here and now.

Not only is video more popular than ever, it can enable a realisation of a project before the project has even begun and in the hotly contested property market, that can be a crucial edge over the competition. Get in touch to find out more.

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Outsourcing Your Video To The Experts

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