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Here are 5 most viral Facebook video that has been flooding your newsfeed in the past 3 months. Do you know that these 5 videos indeed, has made us proud by reaching millions in viewership counts, considering it's coming from a tiny red dot? It is so viral that it went beyond Singapore's shore and reaches the American soil. Nonetheless, most Singaporeans have watched these videos. If you have not, it's time to check them out and be proud of our local mediapreneur.

1. Mediacorp Channel 5

Highest viewership: 28m views

Facebook Fans: 250k fans

2. The Merlion Press

Highest viewership: 20m views

Facebook Fans: 104k fans

3. FabricationsAboutThePAP

Highest viewership: 5.5m views

Facebook Fans: 162k fans


Highest viewership: 1.5m views

Facebook Fans: 712k fans


Highest viewership: 1.2m views

Facebook Fans: 209k fans

Do you see anything common in these videos? Discover how a viral video is being made, by learning the ingredients and the key factors in #ViralVideoHack2.

You can also email me your thoughts at Do let me know if you need any help or questions regarding social media or producing a video.

*This research study is conducted independently by Singapore's video production house THEVIDEOCOMPANY, to ascertain the most viral popular videos posted by Singapore's Facebook pages in the last 3 months. The result may represent the video consumption rate, viewership and engagement in Singapore. Research data are collected based on the following conditions; Singapore-based Facebook page under 'media' sub-category, having English as the main language, with more than 100,000 total fans, and videos with more than 300,000 views (viewership) in a single post, from 1 June 2017 to 20 Sep 2017. You may contact the author via email at should you wish to contribute, comment or feedback in regards to this article and research.

Author: M.Shah, TheVideoCompany

Data Sources: Facebook

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