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Last week we gave free website and SEO audit..

Last week finding was madness! We had quite a number of companies asking for health-screening for their website. Seems that most website owners or companies (we audit) do not apply any SEO strategy on their website. Meaning, you have a website with no visitors. Just like having a storefront without any customers. Remember, search engine's job is to recommend your business! So get your SEO applied to your website so that Google can tell others that if they're looking for product X, you are the recommended ones. If you missed last week offer, you can get your free website audit now.

Sales Team Not Enough?

This week we asked if having a sales team is not enough? Definitely, you need some marketing for your business too. There are tons of prospects out there waiting to be recommended. So we thought this week we craft out something for you. If last week was free lunch, this week it's free dinner :)
Often people spend more than $5,000 on a video production (it's an asset though), used only on the company website, facebook, customer presentation and that's it. Your video barely hit 500 viewers! That's like giving away $10 to every people you meet (some probably blindly-given). It's just too expensive and not effective.

The Real Deal...

So here's the deal, let us build the product (asset) crafted specifically for your audience, and with a targeted ROI of 35 cents/per view, let us do the marketing effort for you. At the end of the day, you'll get the best of both worlds! An asset and a marketing outreach at a fraction of the cost. (An animated explainer video, more than 10,000 views, more targeted reach, a better page-rank, and more leads). If you feel me, check out the offer we have mentioned for animated video marketing. Something not to be missed. In fact, the best offer we have ever rolled out. Don't miss the offer this time round.

Have a good week ahead!

Warm Regards,

M.Shah - Director at THEVIDEOCOMPANY
p.s.: hurry, this offer is limited, submit your request now.

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